TW Autosport established since 1990 and dedicated in modifications, maintenance, repairing and self-custom performance parts. Till now, over 20 years professional experience and positive reputation, TW Autosport has been well-known as European car tuning specialist and expertise of Lotus in Hong Kong. With the passion in racing, TW Autosport develop TW Racing Team and TWRD to engage racing and self-develop racing parts.

What TW Autosport do
KW Suspension, ABT, Akrapovic, Swiss Chiptech, MK Motorsport, etc. are recognized as world most famous tuning and modification companies. TW Autosport is value business partner of above companies and approved as exclusive distributor in China, Hong Kong and Macau region. Moreover, TWRD (TW Research & Development) is the brand belong to TW Autosport directly which mainly to create body styling parts for sport cars. Besides, TW Autosport provide professional consultation and advice to fulfill every customer needs.

Passion in Racing
Racing is a team instead of driving alone. Great driver must be supported by experienced backup team. TW Racing Team which is under TW Autosport and the only team authorized by FIA GT in Hong Kong. Racing also mean time and money consuming. Being apart in GT racing, only for whom fall in love with racing.

There are 3-S of TW Autosport – Safe, Stable, Special.

Safe – safe is the most important for driving. Not only the driver but all the users on road. To ensure all of our customers’ safety, all of our products are original with official warranty, all working procedures with care and attention.

Stable – it is inseparable with safety because of stable is to minimize the probabilities causing any accident. Stable performance is the core value for every car owners in any situation and it is the value we bring to our customers.

Special – it includes performance and body style. We pursue to bring every customer perfect driving experience and greatest body styling. We always look for unique and the best quality products to our customers.